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Ster Focus

The challenge

Stichting Ether Reclame (the Ether Advertising Foundation, or Ster) was founded in 1965 to sell advertising space on the TV, radio and online channels of Dutch public broadcasters. In 2020, IDTV partnered with Ster for the anniversary edition of the Ster Gouden Loeki (the Ster Golden Loeki). The 2021 Ster advertiser meeting was a challenge because it called on our two areas of expertise: in addition to organizing the event, Ster asked to add content to and elaborate on the program.

The solution

IDTV+ only adds when it has real value – when it can strengthen the brand’s story. As Ster’s concept was already strong and well thought out in terms of content, recommendations were made only where potential was seen. The theme suggestion ‘Open’ was expressed in a catchy, timeless one-liner, relevant to Ster’s social and approachable character. An invitation to make contact, with transmitting flowing into dialogue. In addition, IDTV+ proposed a connecting element as a common thread through the program, based on the power of audio: a live broadcast of radio icon De Taalstaat (The Language State), renamed De Taalster (The Language Star) especially for this occasion.

Due to tightened corona measures, IDTV+ adjusted the program shortly before the start to an online event: a talk show hosted out of The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision. Presenter Shay Kreuger chatted with guests from Ster and NPO, and between items gave the floor to seasoned presentation talent Frits Spits for De Taalster. With guests such as columnist Aaf Brandt Corstius and FunX talent Tannaz Hajeby, he discussed media and advertising language. Thanks to this interlude, the show remained not only informative but also accessible to its target audience – which is exactly what Ster stands for. It aired online on the website of Ster.

The result

Ster Focus 2022 was a streamlined event; informative and with good speakers. It was clear, well-organized and diverse and was well-attended digitally. The overall rating was a positive 7.6.

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