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The challenge

How do you communicate your mission to a hard-to-reach target audience? Fundis is a network of 22 companies, with a total of 4,000 employees, in the care sector for vulnerable elderly and chronically ill people. In 2019, they came to IDTV+ with the question: How do we include employees in tackling difficult issues (such as the tight labor market, an aging population and the demanding workload) and involve them in the overarching organization that is Fundis? And how can Fundis show that their employees are largely responsible for and have a say in a better future, with better care for both employee and client?

The solution

This was the beginning of a multi-year partnership in which we continuously reassessed how our content and events could optimally reinforce each other. After all, connecting content and experience is our strength.

In 2019, we organized a large festival: the Zorg voor Morgen Festival (Care for Tomorrow Festival) with an accompanying campaign, which focused on care innovations and connecting people.

In the years that followed, there were various other campaigns: an online video series, the #hartnodig campaign to support care workers during corona, a digital Christmas concert, various magazines and the video campaign De Groeten Van … (… Says Hi).

In 2023, IDTV+ will continue to build the Zorg voor Morgen community together with Fundis, further shaping the internal communication strategy through content & experiences. This year there will once again be a major live experience.

The result

Research by MediaTest showed that, at 98.8%, engagement within the community was extremely high. 74.9% also indicated that the Zorg voor Morgen event made them feel more involved with Fundis. The Net Promoter Score increased by as much as 40% since the start of the Zorg voor Morgen program, which is quite extraordinary. In addition, understanding of and appreciation for the organization increased (the organization received an average rating of 8.1).

In both surveys, we see that employees who attended the events are more positive about the content campaign than employees who didn’t attend the events; a key reason why we continue to recommend reinforcing content through a live event.

Furthermore, IDTV+ won at De Gouden Giraffe Event Awards in 2021. The Zorg voor Morgen Festival was awarded Best Internal Events & Teambuilding. The jury considered the degree of innovation, creativity and sustainability, among other things.

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