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Ster Gouden Loeki

The challenge

Stichting Ether Reclame (the Ether Advertising Foundation, or Ster) was founded in 1965 to sell advertising space on the TV, radio and online channels of Dutch public broadcasters. Ster believes in the power of advertising, and good advertising should be rewarded. During the Ster Gouden Loeki (Golden Loeki) awards, they present the audience award for the best, most beautiful or most outstanding commercial. The 25th edition of Ster Gouden Loeki in 2020 deserved a special, extra festive anniversary edition, focusing on the best commercials of 2019 and to reminisce about past editions.

The solution

An anniversary edition should be unforgettable, that was the starting point. So together with Ster, IDTV+ took it a step further than just an award ceremony. During a spectacular show, Ster looked back at the award-winning commercials of the past 25 years. We entertained the guests with high-end videos, music by a live orchestra, a musical quiz and a history lesson by storyteller Leo Blokhuis. Everything was presented by host Dione de Graaff. The winners were given a stage and there was attention for how social changes affect the world of advertising. In addition to the golden Loeki, a silver and bronze Loeki were also awarded that year.

The result

The anniversary edition of Ster Gouden Loeki on February 13th, 2020 was an ode to advertising, and to all the creators who make advertising possible. Guests rated the event with a 7.9; by far the highest score in the past five years.

Foto’s: Menno Ridderhof

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