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The challenge

With over 870 million passenger kilometers traveled annually, the Rotterdam public transport company RET is the largest connector in the Rotterdam region. RET wants to connect the region not only physically, but socially as well. This is why RET has been organizing the Aardig Onderweg Award (Well Underway Award) since 2011: an award for entrepreneurs who aim to improve the Rotterdam region. The winner receives coaching, exposure and a cash prize. Until 2018, the AOA was primarily a traditional awards show at the Luxor Theater. RET wanted to make that formula less predictable and reach a younger audience. After all, the employees of the future are very important.

The solution

IDTV+ turned the Aardig Onderweg Award into an online journey for young people between the ages of 18 and 35. Traditional media were replaced by social networks, and presenters by social heroes from the target audience. In addition, we placed content with the right tone of voice on relevant platforms that young people frequently use. RET received over 100 submissions, and 20 participants were invited to participate in the pitch day at the RET workplace. Over 6,000 people voted during the finals.

The result

The result: an enormous and positive image boost for RET. This was externally validated among 316 participants by MediaTest, who concluded that the campaign had a considerable effect. There was an enormous exposure amounting to more than 13 million views from all media channels (off- and online) in the Rotterdam region. Thanks to the campaign, the image of RET as a socially involved, innovative, environmentally conscious and desirable employer has improved immensely. And together, we have made Rotterdam a little more beautiful.

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