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Tata Steel

The challenge

Tata Steel is in the midst of a transition to sustainable operations, for example by producing carbon-neutral steel. The transition to producing steel in a climate neutral manner requires all hands to be on deck. And as a major employer, the company wants to have as friendly an image as possible in its home region. In 2018, Tata Steel celebrated its 100th anniversary. IDTV+ was commissioned to share the factory’s story in a big way, with a variety of audiences: employees, clients, neighbors, students, suppliers, politicians and retirees, as well as the King.

The solution

This beautiful story and many other impressive stories were shared at the festival De Wereld van Staal (The World of Steel), in all manner of (interactive) forms. From film to theater, from workshops to digital gaming. A grand, multi-day event held on its own premises.

To make all the interests of Tata Steel transparent, to transfer knowledge demonstrably and effectively, and to get the conversation started, we developed the Transformation Game. Visitors could play this at the event. Its purpose was to increase involvement in finding the solutions for the future of steel. An exciting game and a solid story that continues to be emulated.

The result

1 century of stories about steel
16 event days
40,000 visitors
11,320 LinkedIn messages
1,700,000 media value
100 documented personal stories
And the many visitors who are still talking about De Wereld van Staal.

Mark Denys, Director Technical, Tata Steel Mainland Europe: “Together, we have given that great, awe-inspiring industrial complex a human face of its own.”

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