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We will build it

What can you do for the man who hasn’t been outside for ten years because he cannot tolerate the daylight, but wants to take his kids out to play? Or for the girl who wants to be able to move as freely as possible in the water, despite her muscle disorder? Of course, there are helpful tools and people who lend a hand; but sometimes, there just isn’t a solution. Because it is too complicated, there isn’t enough awareness or the problem is too exceptional. But what if a specific product could make the life of someone with a disability more free, independent and enjoyable? Eight Dutch inventors didn’t hesitate for a second and made the promise to eight young people with physical disabilities: we will build it! Together with Patrick Lodiers and armed with the latest techniques within their field, they attempt to make the impossible possible. Will these unconventional thinkers come up with unique inventions and succeed in helping people with disabilities beyond what science has been able to do so far?

We gaan het maken (We will build it) aired in 2021 on Mondays at 9:30 PM, at BNNVARA on NPO 3.

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