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The mole

“Who is the mole?” That’s the question more than 2 million viewers ask themselves for weeks every year. InWie is de Mol? (Who is the Mole?), the show every Dutchman knows, ten Dutch celebrities become entangled in a web of intrigue. Who is the mole in their midst, secretly sabotaging the games each episode? Each season takes place in a new adventurous location and gets more suspenseful with each passing episode. Will the candidates (and the viewers) succeed in unmasking the Mole?

IDTV has been producing Wie is de Mol? since 1999. Each season, the finale is watched by millions of viewers. In 2022, Wie is de Mol? was the best-watched show in the Netherlands, with the first airing on January 1st attracting an average of 3,996,000 viewers.

In recent years, IDTV has also produced the television show MolTalk, a live show immediately following the episode of Wie is de Mol? in which former candidates discuss the episode.

 Wie is de Mol? has been produced by IDTV for 23 seasons and aired at AVROTROS on NPO 1, Saturdays at 8:30 PM. The show has won several awards, including the Gouden Televizier-ring for its 13th season. There were also two junior edition seasons, as well as an anniversary season celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Photos: Joyce Hanson / AVROTROS

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