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The Traitors

Who will go home with the silver treasure and who will be murdered by the traitors? In De Verraders (The Traitors), 18 Dutch celebrities compete in a thrilling psychological adventure to win a treasure that could amount to 50 kilos of silver bars (currently amounting to about 35 thousand euro). These silver bars can be earned by completing missions. At the end of each episode, two candidates are eliminated. Among the 18 participants are three traitors who want to keep the treasure for themselves. They turn the rest of the group – the faithful – against each other and “kill” a fellow candidate every night. Who are the traitors? At night, at the round table, the group votes off one candidate. The three finalists will ultimately compete for the silver treasure.

In 2022, IDTV won the prestigious Rose d’Or Award for De Verraders. This global accolade is awarded every year and defines the gold standard for excellence and achievement in producing international TV and audio shows.

De Verraders is already in its third season, being broadcast on RTL 4 at 8 PM. Additionally, special Halloween editions were made at Videoland, in which the missions and murders are bloodier than ever. In 2023, IDTV is shooting a new season with not-famous contestants, which is unique for a show like this.


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