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Sinan’s search for Elias’ classmates

Elias was 11 years old when he fled to the Netherlands from his hometown of Aleppo. A class photo is one of the only things he has left from his life in Syria. The photo of him and his 42 classmates was taken just before the first bomb exploded in Aleppo. It was the last time the class was complete. Now, six years later, documentary filmmaker Sinan Can wonders how Elias’ classmates are doing. In the diptych Sinan zoekt de klas van Elias (Sinan’s search for Elias’ classmates), Sinan travels to Lebanon, Australia and Syria to find Elias’ classmates. The documentary also tells the story of young people who look to their future with hope and want to work hard to achieve the best possible future for themselves and those around them.

Sinan zoekt de klas van Elias was made in collaboration with BNNVARA and aired on NPO 1 in March and April of 2019.

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