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Greeeeen! Lingo, the word game that is a combination of Mastermind and Bingo, has become a household name in Dutch TV. In Lingo, two teams compete with each other in guessing the correct word.

Beginning in 1989, the word game show was broadcast on public television – first weekly and later daily. The final episode aired in 2014 on AVROTROS. In 2019, the show returned on SBS, with Jan Versteegh as host and JP on the jury. Since 2022, the game show airs on NET5.

The fifth season of Lingo airs Monday – Friday at 8 PM on NET 5.

The online spin-off of the word game is Vrienden van Lingo (Friends of Lingo). In each episode of Vrienden van Lingo, two new celebrity duos engage in a “war of words”. We see Sylvia Geersen and Gaby Blaaser taking on Maxim and Danny Froger, and rapper Sjaak and farmer Ayoub challenging family members Harrie and Liesbeth Snijders. 

Vrienden van Lingo can be viewed at

Photo: William Rutten


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