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Makeup artist and YouTube-star Nikkie de Jager is looking for the best makeup artist in Make-up Cup. Who has the talent to transform his or her face into a breathtaking work of art? Nikkie: ‘I can’t wait to share my love for makeup with the new generation on TV!’

Who will become the new makeup artist of the Netherlands? Ten talents between the age of 13 to 15 years old will show what they’re capable of by completing technical and creative challenges. From a simple beauty look to an imaginative creation; everything is possible. Every week Nikkie will judge the talents’ technique and creativity skills together with a guest judge. The talent with the least impressive creation will be sent home.

Nikkie de Jager: ‘Within Make-up Cup your face is your canvas and everything is possible. The candidates all have their own story and that shows in their work and ideas. It is amazing to see the passion that lives within these young talents. That’s how it all started for me as well.’ In Make-up Cup, it is therefore not only the outside that matters. The creativity and stories of the participants comes first. 

Producer idtv aims to enlarge social acceptance and self-confidence amongst the new generation. Executive producer Kevin Soares: ‘The participants of this show are encouraged to not only show their makeup creations, but themselves as well. We’re happy that AVROTROS has asked us to produce this show, since the format is an excellent fit with our portfolio of socially concerned, high quality content.’ 

Make-up Cup will be Nikkie’s first own Dutch TV-show, after being an international success on Youtube for many years. 

Broadcast starts from Saturday January 9th at 18:30 on NPO Zapp, AVROTROS.