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May 15th, 2023

IDTV’s Jasper Hoogendoorn is “super proud and very happy” with the two BAFTAs that ‘The Traitors,’ the British version of ‘De Verraders,’ won on Sunday night. This is what the creative director of the production company behind the original Dutch format told the Dutch news agency ANP on Monday.

The Traitors, broadcast in the UK by BBC 1, won the BAFTA for Best Reality Show and presenter Claudia Winkleman won Best Entertainment Performance. “It’s incredibly cool to see how much impact we generate with the format worldwide,” says Jasper.

“We knew that the British version had landed really well with the British audience and with people in the industry. We knew we were a serious contender, but you can never be sure. All the nicer that we actually ended up winning it,” the creative director rejoices. “The BAFTAs are kind of like the Televizier Ring awards of the UK, after all. It’s something we’re super proud of and very happy with. Studio Lambert, our colleagues, have really made a very good version of our format.”

“They have truly made it their own; they choose the country and the castle. But the format is set, they can’t deviate from that,” Jasper notes on the differences between the BBC version and the Dutch one broadcast by RTL. “They were really impressed with how we made the format. They had to copy the production method, because it was just so well put together. And Winkleman’s lines were just literally the lines we wrote for season 1. But their budget is so much bigger, it makes us a little envious about what they can do sometimes,” he admits. For example, according to the creative director, they were able to rent out a huge Scottish castle for the filming.

Whether The Traitors could win an Emmy Award just like The Voice remains to be seen. “Secretly, we do dream about that a bit,” confesses Hoogendoorn. “It would, of course, be awesome if we would be nominated. That would be a great honor. We’re not afraid to dream about it a little.”

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