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The challenge

Drinking water supplier PWN supplies treated water to 1.7 million consumers in the province of Noord-Holland. In addition, in its capacity as nature manager, the company ensures the health of the local dune region and its flora and fauna. PWN values operating sustainably, using new technologies. Like many other organizations, PWN struggled during the corona crisis to maintain social cohesion within the company. Together with PWN, IDTV+ explored creative ways to establish internal connections through content and activations, which could also be applied externally.

The solution

In times of isolation, IDTV+ wanted to open the door to the world – literally and figuratively – using technology, gamification and storytelling. The key: Spraakwater (Speech water), a multimedia content campaign inspired by the common thread of PWN’s brand house: de Kracht van Samen (the Power of Together).

In Spraakwater, presenter Maurice Lede explores nature, talks with employees, and discovers how all their various areas of expertise combine to form the driving force behind PWN. He captures his journey in three videos and 11 podcasts: informative and relaxing listening material to enjoy whilst walking in the dunes, for anyone interested in water and nature.

Moreover, the world of PWN is one which you must experience; this world cries out for adventure. Therefore, Maurice challenges his audience to put on their hiking boots themselves and unravel an ancient dune mystery in a geocaching game across PWN’s nature reserves. The utilization of a geocache hunt is a unique tool for internal communication, and as a connector between nature and technology, a logical and ideal match with this client.

The result

The combination of three distinct content elements makes Spraakwater not only a beautiful and fascinating milestone document, but also a unique experience, catering to the interests and desires of a wide audience both inside and outside the gates of PWN.

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