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The challenge

The Netherlands-based Logeion is the second-oldest Association of Communication Professionals worldwide, with a rich tradition of nearly 70 years of innovation. Logeion has over 4,000 members and aims to be an inspiring platform for all communication professionals in the Netherlands. Logeion wanted to offer communication professionals an additional platform on which they could express their voice and vision on relevant communication topics. To this end, they joined forces with IDTV+.

The solution

With the video format The Peer Review, IDTV+ provides a stage for the story of communication by communication professionals. In each episode, six defining Logeion members share their views on a relevant professional topic by presenting some sharp statements. The result is a broad look at interesting issues, in a concise LinkedIn format that will hold up beyond the (COVID-19) measures of 2020 and 2021.

The result

Each month, we reached over 20,000 marketing and communications professionals and facilitated and fueled topical discussions regarding the profession.

André Manning, director of Logeion: “Our profession is crucial, as the turbulent year of 2020 has shown. Many of our colleagues have been working hard since the beginning of the crisis and we should have a huge amount of admiration for that. Not in the least because it has helped put the profession of communications on the map even better. And that’s why it’s great that in our anniversary year we’re working with IDTV+ to create a wonderful series that highlights the various aspects of our profession in each edition.”

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