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DPG Media

The challenge

DPG Media is the largest media company in the Netherlands, housing a range of national, regional and local media brands that have been informing, inspiring and entertaining for decades. DPG Media’s portfolio includes AD,, Donald Duck, Libelle, de Volkskrant and Qmusic.

The solution

DPG Media was looking for a creative partner to introduce a new format in the domains Cooking and Home, to expand the regional platform of AD.

The result

In this case study, the opportunities for this format were not in a completely new concept, but in a clever adaptation of our in-house brand vtwonen, a TV show we have successfully produced for SBS for many years. In a new video series, stylist Eva van de Ven travels through the country to help people facing minor interior issues. A messy wall cabinet or a much-needed children’s corner; Eva comes up with an affordable mini makeover to solve the problem, while the candidates cook her a local dish as a thank you.

With De stijl van Eva (The Style of Eva), we combine the power of a long-standing brand with our knowledge of the online domain, and present everything in bite-sized form to the viewer, who sees their home region represented in an original way.

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